It is the artists who formulate today the context and meanings that surround the person today and will affect him tomorrow, forming elements of a harmonious and comfortable urban environment of the future

February 16, 2018 at 18:00 in the atrium of the St. Petersburg House of Books

Participated: Olga Sviblova - the founder of the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum and Gerfried Stocker - Art Director of the European Center for Media Arts Ars Electronica
The theme of the February meeting in the atrium of the House of the Book was Art. Speakers discussed the ways of integration of artistic statements into the urban landscape, new media, user experience and synthetic formats that are born in the dialogue between art and technology
Speakers of the February session of the project:
Olga Sviblova
famous Russian curator, art critic, founder of the Moscow House of Photography, director of the Multimedia Art Museum
Gerfried Stocker
Austrian media artist and telecommunications engineer, art director of the Museum of Digital and Media Arts Ars Electronica
Pokras Lampas
a famous St. Petersburg artist,
founder of calligrafuturism
Olga Buzina
Communications Director of Lakhta Center,
PhD of Philosophy.
Full session recording
The vision for the further evolution of urban space will be presented by Gerfried Stocker, Austrian media artist and telecommunications engineer, art director of the Ars Electronica Museum of Digital and Media Arts. Under the leadership of Gerfried Stoker, the Ars Electronica center became the first prototype of the "Museum of the Future" and one of the most important mediators between the worlds of art and technology. Since 1996, the world trend for art projects and exhibitions using artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and digital networks has been launched here. The history of future in Ars Electronica Center is researched by the Futurelab Innovation Laboratory - it studies the transformation of the human being under the influence of the digital revolution and creates large-scale performances with the participation of drones flying to the accompaniment of the orchestra. Ars Electronica specialists also actively cooperate with existing scientific organizations. For example, with the assistance of the Austrian Museum, the world's largest laboratory of high-energy physics CERN launched the Collide program, in frames of which artists work side by side with scientists.

The second speaker of the session will be Olga Sviblova - one of the main figures of the Russian art scene. Founder of the Moscow House of Photography, Olga Sviblova created one of the most popular and creative museum institutions in Moscow - Multimedia Art Museum. She has more than 300 curatorial projects, including the organization of the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale (in 2007 and 2009), MONUMENTA, the exhibition of Ilya and Emilia Kabakovs "Strange City" (L'Etrange cité) in the Grand Palais (Paris) , exposition "COLLECTION! Contemporary Art in the USSR and Russia 1950-2000 "in the Pompidou Center (Paris, 2016), the exhibition of Donald Judd, one of the brightest American representatives of minimalism, Rebecca Norn, the famous German artist, director and actor, Joseph Kossuth, one of the pioneers of conceptual art, etc.

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