Human Being - the engine of development of any system and the main character of changes, which occur in the world. However, what happens to the person who stands in the center of all transformations? As with the development of technology and the growth of cities we are changing and the processes of our thinking?

March 16, 2018 at 18:00 in the atrium of the St. Petersburg House of Books

of the March session of the project:
Dmitry Volkov
doctor of philosophy, contemporary art figure and businessman, founder of SDVentures holding
Tatyana Chernigovskaya
neuro- and psycholinguist, doctor of
Biological and Philological Sciences, Professor of St. Petersburg State University, Head of the Department of
Convergence problems of natural and human sciences
Dmitry Volkov is the founder of SDVentures holding, investing in iTech and AI startups, as well as in social and educational Internet projects, in particular, in the University of information technologies Harbour.Space. Dmitriy is one of the first investors in the technology of blocking. In addition, Dmitry Volkov - Doctor of Philosophy, author of a number of works on the philosophy of consciousness and co-founder of the Moscow Center for Consciousness Research, under the Moscow State University. He is also an active figure in contemporary art, as a patron of the Garage museum and founder of the SDV Arts & Science Foundation, initiates and supports projects in the field of contemporary art and science. In March, he will talk with the participants of the LAKHTA VIEW session about the issues of artificial intelligence, consciousness, free will, and share his vision of how to unite a man and a supermind in the new environment.
Tatyana Chernigovskaya is a professor at the St. Petersburg State University, head of the Department of Convergence of Natural and Human Sciences, head of the Laboratory of Cognitive Studies, Doctor of Philology and Biology, the most famous Russian scientist who is engaged in the popularization of science. Her authorship includes cycles of educational television programs on thinking and cognitive science, in addition, she regularly reads open lectures about the brain, psyche, consciousness and unconscious, artificial intelligence and neural networks. In the sphere of scientific interests of Tatyana Chernigovskaya is the mutual influence of language and mental processes. In her lecture on LAKHTA VIEW, she will tell how the new language shapes the new person and vice versa, and how to ensure the proportionality of the person and his environment.
Vitaly Dymarsky

Russian journalist, publicist, editor-in-chief of the historical magazine "The Dilettante" and "Echo of Moscow" in St. Petersburg
Olga Buzina

Communications director of Lakhta Center,
PhD of Philosophy
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Neuro-linguist Tatyana Chernigovskaya and philosopher Dmitry Volkov explain how people interact with each other, artificial intelligence and a new environment. The new session of the international educational project LAKHTA VIEW, dedicated to Human Being- the engine of all changes in the modern world.

Man is the engine of development of any system and the protagonist of changes that occur in the world: even from the point of view of geological processes, the Earth entered a new epoch of anthropocene, connected with our active influence on the ecosystem of the planet. However, what happens to the person himself, who stands at the center of all transformations? As with the development of technology and the growth of cities, are we changing the processes of our thinking?

The March session of LAKHTA VIEW, an international educational project dedicated to the description of the urban environment of the future and its synthetic nature.


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