December 15, 2017 in 6:00 PM

Location: Nevskiy prospect, 28
(Dom Knigi)

Тема декабрьской сессии "Природа" – взаимодействие культурного и природного ландшафтов в городской среде и искусстве. Именно на их пересечении сегодня рождаются новый взгляд на урбанистику и новые формы искусства.

Своим видением и прочтением этого актуального тренда поделятся эксперты с мировым именем – Эндрю Логан (Великобритания) и Хидеми Нишида (Япония).
Съемка и трансляция при поддержке партнера LAKHTA VIEW — интернет-платформы для организации видеотрансляций Karmavella
Experts will share their ideas with the audience on how to turn the city into a living, changing space, filling its daily life with new images and meanings.

The speakers of the 2st session in December are the following:
Hidemi Nishida
is an artist/architect
Nishida engages space aesthetics/poetics and perception of environment through his work. He researches a primordial experience of surroundings to lead people into flesh experience making them aware of new sense of perception.
Andrew Logan
artist, sculptor
Belongs to a unique school of English eccentrics. One of Britain's principal sculptural artists, he challenges convention, mixes media and plays with our artistic values. With flair and fantasy he transformed real objects into their new and different versions.
Andrei Palaramchuk
Editor-in-chief of the magazine National Geographic Russia
He has been working with the Russian National Geographic team since 2012. Andrei Palamarchuk has been engaged in journalistic and editorial activities since 1998. He worked in print and online media: he headed the site of the radio station "Europe Plus", took leading positions in the magazines Hello !, US Weekly, and in the Russian edition of the National Geographic Traveler.
Olga Buzina
Communications Director of Lakhta Center
Will moderate the lecture part of the event. Olga Buzina - program director of LAKHTA VIEW, manager of cultural projects, PhD in Philosophical sciences.

About the Initiator of the project
Lakhta Center is a global project whose mission is to create an innovative multifunctional complex with the headquarters of the Gazprom group and open spaces of 400 thousand square meters.
Lakhta Center is one of the most high-tech construction projects in the world - many engineering solutions are used here for the first time both in Russian and international architectural practice. The project is implemented by a team of 18 countries.
The concept of the complex incorporates the idea of creating the sightseeing of a new format for St. Petersburg and the complex creation of an urban environment of a fundamentally new level.
The architectural dominant of the Lakhta Center - the tower, the total height
of which is 462 meters, - today is already the tallest building in Europe.
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